Go to Sleep


“Go to Sleep” (Oil on Canvass)

The skies get darker as the my eyelids droop.

I put my feet up and look around.

His Love is real, I do not need a single proof.

I am loved and I am saved the moment I was found.

The noise grew distant as I stare on the sands.

The loudness turned to hums and mumbles.

He sings to me slowly as I feel Him stand

over me, He watched like lit candles.

The wind and the ocean created lovely music.

No more horns, no more chatters, no more shouts, and no more fighting.

He covered my ears and filled it with whispers of magic.

He told me to be ready for the next morning.

The sun slowly sinks with all its splendor.

Its rays took with it the tiredness of my body and soul.

He closes my eyes with His hands that I adore.

Go to sleep my dear child and listen for my call.

Art: The Humble Servant

Poem: Angel


Gecko – The Noise

Gecko at the Wassenaar Beach Resort in Jawili, Tangalan, Aklan

Gecko at the Wassenaar Beach Resort in Jawili, Tangalan, Aklan

“Gecko” (sketch)

The Noise

Yes, I hear it again

like a loud clock tickin’

just a bit louder

I pray for the answer.

Against the shining sun

I saw a flash of green

not envy

no, not that mortal sin

Feared by many

despised by some

quietly it listened

to its heartbeat, its own sound

Another gift

I am thankful for it.

Another day

with God’s creatures

Climb like a gecko

no matter how high

stick in your faith

no matter what comes.

Art: The Humble Servant

Poem: Angel



Family (Charcoal)


Holding each other’s hand,

our journey began.

A great adventure called life,

with God Almighty as our guide.


Mornings to fill with smiles,

memories to make each day worthwhile,

the cheerful sun looks down,

a touch of joy before it bows.


This is when the moon will rise,

another God-given beauty rising to heights.

We wave goodbye to a day that passed

as we say hello to a new one coming fast.


We live each day with ever growing love,

saying our prayers to God above.

Endless thanks and praises we sing,

to the one and only King of kings.


Art: Humble Servant (Kim Domingo)

Poem: Angel


sketch brownie


Brownie” (Sketch)

Your tail wagging means a lot.

You are a friend from God above.

You ran fast with a sweet look in your face.

You savor the wind like you are in a race.


You have that cute little brown eyes

that gets big when you feel nice

Your sighs, your bark, and your breathing

You are a precious little thing.


Friends forever that’s what they say.

That’s what we are since the first day.

I thank the Lord for you, Brownie.

You’re one of the best things He ever gave me.


Art: Humble Servant

Poem: Angel




(Oil on canvas)

He quietly sits on a corner

playing, sleeping, probably listening

waiting for a chance to shine

waiting until everything is fine

A playful soul

a sweet, innocent “tol”

serious and cheerful\

confusing but cool

Hold my hand

we will create precious memories

Hold on tight

we will fill our hearts with happiness

Smile, jump, do what you want

the world is yours

sing, dance, twist, and shout

conquer it all

Go on and live to be the son

the son of our Father above

be merry, be wise

be always on His side

Art: Humble Servant

Poem: Angel

Feet up


Feet up (sketch)

Everybody loves lazy afternoons in the beach, including the humble servant. Putting one’s feet up is the best act to show relaxation, something much deserved after a tiring day, week, month, or year. Now is just about the perfect time to put your feet up!

Feet up

The sun shows off

as foreheads wrinkle

apply some sunblock

to evade premature wrinkles

Stomachs full

eyes are smiling

underneath the coconut tree

kids are playing

I sigh in satisfaction

Ah, this is life

the hammock invited me

and I gladly obliged

I put my feet up

for a little siesta

my midday treat

with the sun and the wind

Art: Humble Servant

Poem: Angel



Smiles (Sketch)

This was copied from a photo taken during the humble servant’s son’s recognition day. These are four of the special women in his son’s life, there to witness and give support.


A smile is a recognition

a small piece of gratitude

that even for a fleeting moment

something feels right

A smile is an attempt

an effort to make others notice

one is willing to talk

one is willing to be a friend

A smile is a sign of contentment

that for once one has everything

no worries, no cares

embracing the moment and staying there

A smile is an image of hope

its radiance resonates

the faith multiplies

and its beauty never fades

Be generous

give it away

your smile may brighten

someone else’s day

Art:  Humble Servant

Poem: Angel